Solid Memories LLC. 3D photography & printing to make custom sculptures.

Product details

Priceless art but at an affordable price.

For thousands of years and throughout the world, sculptures have been valued but done for only some people perhaps due to scarce artistic talent with long waits or high costs. 

With the inventions of advanced cameras, computers and 3D printers, now anyone can have a sculpture of their loved ones in realistic detail, in just a few days and at a low price. 

Make wonderful memories solid.

The sculptures in the above gallery were made by our staff in addition to others including of young children (not shown). 

We fully expect your sculptures will also be stunning!

Celebrate the special people, relationships and moments of your life with an elegant and realistic sculpture that will be cherished by you, gift recipients and families for years. 

Products and the process.

3D photography: free.

  • The 3D image is made using an array of 72 high resolution DSLR cameras to capture all angles of the subject(s) within 1 second. The nearly 2 billion pixels from those 72 photographs are then analyzed using a system called photogrammetry to generate a single 3D image, typically within 24 hours. 
  • Because an image can be taken so quickly, we can image children and pets who might not be able to resist the urge to wiggle for one whole second :-)
  • For organizations who partner with us as a fund-raiser, we will do on-site photography and sculpture delivery for free.

Editing the 3D file: free.

  • All raw 3D images need to be edited before being made into a sculpture, so we will do all of the following unless you specify otherwise: crop shape, adjust orientation, remove artifacts, remove wrinkles and acne, lift eyelids, remove bags under the eyes, slim the skin under the jaw and smooth hair.
  • We will then email you an image of the edited file.


  • If you approve the edited 3D image we send you and authorize a 3D print, we will then make the sculpture in the color and size that you request.
  • Each sculpture is mounted on a single piece (not laminate) of Italian marble with a laser engraved nameplate and a top edge gilded in genuine 24-Kt gold leaf.
  • We will mail the sculptures approximately 1 week after the 3D photography. For organizations who partner with us, we will deliver the sculptures to your location for free.

Limits and Refunds

  • Must be 6 months or older for a scan and 18 years or older to purchase.
  • We will issue a 100% refund on returned sculptures (these will then be disposed, not sold).
  • Please see Terms and Conditions for full info.


  • 5% if the customer or client is a hero (e.g., EMS responder, current or former military). 
  • 1% to those who are 85 and older.
  • As part of a fund-raiser for some organizations, we may give other discounts.

What we don't do....

  • We don't make caricatures such as bobbleheads or wedding cake toppers. 
  • We don't make full-body figures such as miniature action figures or toy figurines.

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Photography sessions are by appointment. Please write the days and times you prefer and the names of those who will attend. Thank you.

North Charleston, South Carolina, 29418

Hours are 9-4 Monday to Friday by appointment.


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